COVID-19 and Protecting Our Customers

Posted by Rich on Apr 26th 2020

You know, I was a germophobe before any of this happened, you can just imagine where I’m at now! In all seriousness though, protecting our customers is one of our number one concerns and we take our … read more

Inspection Day

Posted by Rich on Apr 26th 2020

Here’s a shot of me in the kitchen shortly before our food processor inspection. Do I look nervous? Well, I was! Lol. Even though I have been making these nuts for more than a decade and received a … read more

DIY Product Photoshoot

Posted by Rich on Feb 27th 2020

There are times when you just have to make it work. If you don’t have a photography studio readily at your disposal, some creativity, a few lights, a roll of craft paper and a dining room table can ge … read more